Our Story

Dusk is an innovative furniture, homeware and lifestyle brand based near Canterbury in the beautiful Kent countryside.


Our brand was born from the desire to create products for your home that are naturally stylish, decorative and spirited.


Our journey begins with reclaimed teak, which had a former life as part of a building, boat or other structure. Rather than go to waste, these rustic and well-seasoned timbers are carefully sorted and graded before being handed to our skilful craftsmen to be transformed into our beautiful furniture.


Where it isn’t possible or practical to use reclaimed teak, our artisans will occasionally use plantation teak from certified sources to ensure our products remain ethical and sustainable.


As with our furniture, our homeware and lifestyle products are also lovingly hand-crafted by talented artisans using traditional skills passed down through generations.


The result is something beautiful; something unpretentious and easy.


Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing after a hard day at work, our goal is to help you to create an inspired space which you are proud to call home. This is why we offer a complete range of furniture and home furnishings to compliment your lifestyle.


Simple. Fresh. Authentic. We are Dusk.